Contribution on writting manuals

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Contribution on writting manuals

Hugo de Cuffa

I am a brazilian student, coursing the third semester
of Eletronic and Computer Engineering at UFRJ
(Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro / Federal
University of Rio de Janeiro).

Well, I sent this email to talk about help you with
writting glibc manuals; I'm interested in doing this.

I have an intermediate knowlegde about linux, working
with Slackware distribution since 1999, and
beginner-to-intermediate experience with C. I have
read about 500 pages of the portuguese edition of
"Complete and Total C" book, from Herbert Schildt.

In terms of English language, I have an intermediate
experience with it, reading books, articles and linux
documentation for many years.

If you believe me well prepared for this task, I can
start working now.

I'll be waiting for your answer.

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Re: Contribution on writting manuals

Roland McGrath
Please start by looking at for libc/manual bugs.
Post patches to the manual here, with ChangeLog entries, as you see done
here for code changes.