Canadian Immigration Eligibility

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Canadian Immigration Eligibility

Quick guide how to apply for Canadian PR

Express Entry is a most realistic chance to get Canadian Permanent Residency as well as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). To be eligible for Express Entry and PNP applicant should reach minimum required 67 points and it is calculated based on 4 main criteria such as Age, Education, Experience, Language Skills (IELTS) and Adaptability (spouse skills) for those who are married or having blood relatives in Canada.

How is the Immigration Process work :
Step 1 : Confirm you are eligible
Step 2 : Start your application
Step 3 : Submit your documents for profile
Step 4 : Receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency
Step 5 : Submit your passport and documents for visa stamping

Canadian Permanent Residency Benefits:

* Lifetime Permanent Residency
* Citizenship after 3 years
* Free medical and education under 18 years old
* Cheap University tuition fees
* Maternity and Paternity leave
* Live, work and study anywhere you want in Canada
* Unemployment benefitsRelocating with family
* Retirement benefits
* Dual Citizenship
* Stable Political System and protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom
While migration is possible and laws haven't been changed start your application now to secure your future

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