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[Bug localedata/10035] new locale en_RU

glaubitz at physik dot fu-berlin.de

Pavel Kuznetsov <lapdev at yandex dot ru> changed:

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--- Comment #14 from Pavel Kuznetsov <lapdev at yandex dot ru> 2012-03-13 15:28:54 UTC ---
It's true that many people in Russia (and elsewhere) for various reasons prefer
en_US locale.
I believe many people would like to have an English locale without British and
American quirks, that is, with A4 paper format, monday as the first weekday,
%d.%m.%Y as date format, metric system and comma as decimal point. These
features, I believe, are shared by the most of European nations and at the same
time they are ones that a user encounters most. One could name it an
"International" locale, or, perhaps, "European" one. Probably, it doesn't
really matter if it is coded as en_RU, en_DE, en_FI, whatever.
In fact, this locale (more or less) already exists:
http://lh.2xlibre.net/locale/en_DK/. Well, "International" locale happened to
be Danish one for reasons of historical nature, so to say.

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Re: [Bug localedata/10035] new locale en_RU

Keld Simonsen-2
there is also another international locale, namely the i8n locale of TR 14562.