[Bug libc/746] sigaction SA_RESETHAND flag does not set SA_NODEFER

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[Bug libc/746] sigaction SA_RESETHAND flag does not set SA_NODEFER

conanhc at gmail dot com

------- Additional Comments From sebastien dot decugis at ext dot bull dot net  2006-09-21 07:47 -------
Hi Michael,

At the time of the testing I was concerned about the conformance of the NPTL
implementation to the POSIX standard. I may have tried the tests on a couple of
other implementations, but I did not keep track of these.

Even though POSIX standardizes existing practices, this happens at the time when
the POSIX standard is being defined. Once it has been written, I think an
implementation must conform to what is written, or it is not fully
POSIX-conformant. Anyway if you feel the POSIX standard is not suitable on this
point, there are mailing lists to submit changes and fix to the standard.

Best regards,



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