Applying patches for RISC-V in crosstool-ng

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Applying patches for RISC-V in crosstool-ng

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Hello There,

I need to apply this patch:
RISC-V and build compiler using crosstool-ng. Can you please tell me how to
do it?

The patch I need to apply is for RISC-V makefile; in crosstool-ng there
seem to be no Makefile for RISC-V. I think in crosstool-ng one can
configure RISC-V options using 'ct-ng menuconfig' once you configured then
one need to use ct-ng build to to build compiler.  The crosstool-ng will
build compiler using the config options, I think there is no Makefile as
such for RISC-V. However, I might be wrong.

Many Thanks,
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