Announcing libffi 3.0.13

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Announcing libffi 3.0.13

Anthony Green
I'm very pleased to announce the release of libffi version 3.0.13,
which you are free to download here:

This release comes hot on the heels of 3.0.12, and includes important
build-time, install-time and run-time fixes for a number of platforms.
 In addition to these important fixes, 3.0.13 includes new support for
Imagination Technologies' Meta processor.

3.0.13 Mar-17-13
        Add Meta support.
        Add missing Moxie bits.
        Fix stack alignment bug on 32-bit x86.
        Build fix for m68000 targets.
        Build fix for soft-float Power targets.
        Fix the install dir location for some platforms when building
          with GCC (OS X, Solaris).
        Fix Cygwin regression.

Thanks to Dave Korn, Gilles Talis, Alain Hourihane, Alex Gaynor,
Andreas Schwab,  Markos Chandras and Imagination Technologies Ltd for
their contributions.

Check out the following links for more details:

Have fun!

Anthony Green
[hidden email]