Announcing libffi 3.0.12

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Announcing libffi 3.0.12

Anthony Green
I'm very pleased to announce the release of libffi version 3.0.12,
which you are free to download here:

In addition to supporting native vendor compilers on AIX and Solaris,
this release includes support for a record 6 new processor
architectures: Moxie, AArch64, Blackfin, TILE-GX/TILEPro, MicroBlaze
and Xtensa!

As usual, my thanks go out to the many users and testers.  My special
thanks go to the following people and organizations for their code
contributions to the 3.0.12 release:  Alexandre Keunecke I. de
Mendonca, Nicolas Lelong, H.J. Lu, Uros Bizjak, Andrew Pinski, David
Edelsohn, Walter Lee, James Greenhalgh, Marcus Shawcroft, Frederick
Cheung, Magnus Granberg, Pavel Labushev, Alan Modra, Reini Urban,
rofl0r, Thorsten Glaser, Chris Zankel, Nathan Rossi, Mark H Weaver,
Daniel Schepler, Peter Bergner, and The Written Word.  And a final
special thanks to Andrew Haley, Andreas Tobler and Matthias Klose for
their continued support - it is very much appreciated!

Check out the following links for more details:

Have fun!

Anthony Green
[hidden email]