Announcement eCos 3.0 Port to Xilinx Zynq 7000-EPP (Z-7020)

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Announcement eCos 3.0 Port to Xilinx Zynq 7000-EPP (Z-7020)

Richard Rauch
Dear community,
I want to announce an eCos 3.0 porting project to Xilinx Zynq 7000

This port will be done in direct collaboration with Xilinx.

Planned main features of port:

        - Architecture Port of Cortex A9 CPU in  Zynq-7000
        - AMP dual core architecture support
        - Memory Configuration DDR
        - Interrupt Controller
        - Timer and Watchdog Configuration
        - UART
        - Cache Configuration
        - QSPI support
        - Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC
        - General Purpose Port (AXI_GP) driver
        - Configuration and Download and access of programmable logic
        - DMA support within drivers
        - SD card support
        - GPIO driver
        - I2C
        - Support of Performance Monitoring Unit of Cortex A9 CPU
        - XADC driver
        - CAN driver
        - Redboot

The port will be prepared for Zynq-7000 ZC702 Evaluation Kit.
I would be very glad to get some response, whether the planned port is of
common interest!

Best Regards

Richard Rauch
ITR GmbH Nuremberg, Germany
email: [hidden email]