2-word field extraction issue

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2-word field extraction issue

Aurelien BUHRIG-2

I'm modifiying our existing sid port for our 16-bit MCU to add a
branch instruction with a 22-bit pcrel offset. Here is the short

    (name tam16)
    (default-alignment aligned)
    (insn-lsb0? #f)

  (name tam16)
  (default-insn-bitsize 16)
  (base-insn-bitsize 16)
  (default-insn-word-bitsize 16))

   (name tam16bf)
   (endian big)
    (word-bitsize 16)
   (insn-chunk-bitsize 0))

The new 22-bit pcrel branch instruction is 2-word long and the pcrel
corresponding field is continuous. I tried to define it like this:

       (name  f-pcrel22)
       (attrs PCREL-ADDR)
       (word-offset 0)
       (word-length 32)
       (start 10)
       (length 22)
       (mode INT)
       (encode (...))
       (decode (...))))

The generated code for extraction this field in
tam16bf_extract_sfmt_bsr22l tam16bf_extract_sfmt_bsr22l
(tam16-decode.cxx file)
 is EXTRACT_MSB0_SINT (insn, 16, 10, 22), which I think is wrong (base
insn are 16-bit long).

I worked around this problem by defining a multi-ifield with insert
and extract expressions to make it doing the correct thing, but i'm
wondering if it should be a bug ?