01-12-2006 Meeting minutes

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01-12-2006 Meeting minutes

Hien Nguyen
IBM - Ananth, Prasanna, Jim, Vara, Hien
Redhat - Will, Elena
Intel - Josh, Anil
Hitachi- Satoshi

LKML watch - Did not happen last week. IBM will resume this week then RH
the following week.

User space probes - Prasanna: Base patch is ready (includes RCU
changes), but lot of things are still not covered. Prasanna will post
the patch next week and provide a list of issues, todos and a high level
design doc.
Prasanna : people should be ready to review  the user  probe (Andrew,
Roland from RH are good candidate too). Later on, when patch  is posted
to a wider audient (LKML), we should get feed back from Alan Cox, Ulrich
Drepper etc.., people who understands the VM area.
Jim : The base user space probes design/work needs to finalized in order
to start the design of user space return probes.

Kprobe bugs -
BZ#1954 Modules ref count ...  Fix is in the mainline.
BZ#2019 Race in  Reentry... Fix is in the mainline.
BZ#2071 Probe on ISR ... disable interrupt in the renetry code does not
work for ia64, need to work on another sulotion.
Anil - to post a brief discussion on the new solution for BZ#2071
Ananth : for RHEL4 U4 and so on, watch for kernel ABI since kprobe
structure has changed.
Jim to update kprobe document  to reflect  recent  changes.

Ingo Molnar sent a patch to change the recent changes (spin_lock to
semaphore) to mutex.

elfutils licensing - Elena:  no new news.

RHEL4 U3 testing- ggc bugs (accessing function args) is still there for
ia64 even with the newer version of ggc (v4.1). Probably there is no fix
anytime soon.
For RHEL4 U3 testing, the group agrees to test only the bits that comes
with the CDs, run the systemtap test suite on RHEL4 U3.